The Capital Under Attack?

This was the scene at Capital Hill on January 6th 2021. The Left called this an insurrection. But if you pay attention to the footage and use just a little deductive reasoning one can only come to one conclusion. “These are not conservatives.”

Why would you say that? You may ask. The answer is simple. Conservatives don’t act like angry Left wing mobs that bitch and though a fit when they don’t get their way. Do you remember 2016 and the Anti-Trump riots?

The events of January 6th, are truly the signature of these people. You know the ones who set cities on fire and murder their own child for purposes of birth control. Yeah these same people who create chaos so they can get what they want.

Today is no different. At 7:30 am pst I turned on the news to learn that some guy rammed the barrier to the checkpoint of the Capitol building and in the process killed an officer and hurt another before he was shot and killed buy Capitol cops. The Left will weaponize the event and use it as an excuse to further fortify the Capitol. You see the Democrats are masters of a political tool that is commonly called The Salvation con. The Salvation con is a practice of creating chaos through starting a fire, starting a fight or in this case a fake virus that put power into Our oppressor’s hands.  George Floyd’s murder was used by the Left like all the other false Flags in our recent history, utilizing riots and civil unrest in democrat-run cities to create chaos so the elected Democrats could use it to become the hero. But make no mistake the Democrats are the human traffickers at our Southern boarder.

Little girls being gang raped and the perverted old man that stole the election is encouraging it. I am ashamed of America for allowing Joe Biden to live. But my day’s of using a gun are over. The riots at the Portland Federal Courthouse made sure of that. But these are peaceful protests!

Is it an wonder that crypto is preforming better than the usd in all markets. Use my referral link to sign up for and we both get $25 USD. At any rate by now you must understand that our government has to be considered the enemy after the events of November 3rd 2020. The incompetent fool that stool the Whitehouse is destroying America and all that is good for the next generation. At no point, under any circumstances should Democrat every be elected into a seat of power on America. It is time to hide your money and starve the elect of any income to run this country. After all no soldier would put his or her life in danger if they have no food on the table for their families.

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