No More Handouts!

If you are anything like me, you too are sick of the entitled attitude that comes from the Democrats. We have to sink this ship. One of my friends and mentors Stefan Molyneux was baned on YouTube due to the Cancel Culture.

Free speech has been under attack for years by the spoiled emotional fools on the Left. But now that cultural attack has been weaponized against our freedom. Many of us have been preparing for war due to these events in our resent history. Camping gear and ammunition can’t be kept on the shelves since the results of the election hoax on November 3rd 2020 proved our voices have not been heard for years. I am shopping for the team as we now have to provide for the cause out of our own pockets

We already have a dutch oven that we use as a fire pit. But we could use a grill to cook.
Fire starters are self evident.
Clippers and a folding saw are perfect for gathering firewood.

Fred Myers didn’t have any backpacks. I am going to try Walmart.

People are giving up their homes and living off grid to prepare for the fight.

The signs are everywhere. The development of the PPP is imperative to to success of any form of resistance that we can push. Against the oppressive dictatorship that sits in the Whitehouse. 

One thing that the so-called autonomous zones have proven is that we can win back our freedom, but only if we are truly independent on any government utilities or municipal water supply. Because the liberals could have shut off the water and power to the part of the grid that was under siege at any time, proving the mayor support for the terrorists.

However the PPP can make the need for cities obsolete. What that means is tribes will form and settle in places that had been previously uninhabitable, thus destroying any legitimate to power that government has. After all “he who controls the water controls the world! So give it back to the people.

But there will not be a free ride. The welfare zombies that voted for Obama 2.0 would have to learn how to pull their own weight or become fertilizer for the next generation of crops. There is no room for prisons or crime in this modle of a utopia. Therefore all crime will be met with one punishment. The accused will be thrown into a composter if the community finds that the accused is guilty. The family of the victim is responsible for conducting the trial. Any form of political ambition will be met with that person who is seeking to undermine the authority of the commonwealth along with any who support the persons cause will be stripped naked in the public square put in the stocks and left to starve to death.

Any person who is found feeding the punished will take the person’s rightful place in the stocks and the person that was to be feed will be sodomized with a hot branding iron until death.

Because man is by nature political and the only motive for the ambition is personal power for the good of the community political activity must be considered a much higher of a crime than murder or rape because a politician seeks to rape the community of individual rights, murder freedom and destroy all threads of the truth for his or her individual gain.

For every day that a politician remains alive the community will be encouraged to humiliate and torture it (no politician can be thought of as human) in a manner the individual sees fit. Nothing will be prohibited as long as it doesn’t shorten the span of the creatures suffering.  At sunrise of every day boiling honey will be poured over the heads and bodies of the politicians in the stocks, as the honey cools the insects will eat their flesh this public torture is meant to discourage anyone from this kind of aspiration.

A new stock will be built for an person that seeks to stop the execution and they will meet the same fate. This primative and barbaric practice is shared by many tribal cultures through out history. I believe it should have never been abandoned because America is falling apart thanks to outside progressive influences.

As the Democrat run states are locked in a perpetual lockdown, more people are being forced out of there homes because the government is taking thei livelihoods. The growing population of homeless are angry and rightfully so. They will become the front line of the revolution against the established dictatorship that is intentionally destroying America and devaluing the USD.

To fight these fools we must defund them. We do that by not paying taxes. Join Cloud Earning PHT!
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