Biden Has An Arms Raise Going On Against The American People.

Even before Joe (Let’s Destroy America) Biden was sworn in as a fake President, Americans started to increase buying guns. But guns should not be the focus of the liberal fear. After all, on January 6th 2021 a smal group of American heros stormed the Capital and for the first time the Democrats who had stolen the election from the true president had reason to fear the American people. They saw that they were valuable.

I am building guns now and I hate guns I think if I wanted to stage a insurrection I would have just blown up the Capital building and the Whitehouse at the same time. But no protests are only peaceful if you have a “D” behind your name and are pushing hate.

This is what the summer of Freedom looked like in Portland Oregon. But these are peaceful protests!

The problem that the Biden Administration has now is over 2/3rds of America believe Trump won, so in the eyes of the American people and with the election audits more people are walking away the the party of white supremacy and looking to Make America Great Again. The Dems hate the fact the people are already wearing Trump 2024 shirts and flying flags on their cars that read “Fuck Biden”. But we are to believe the party who destroyed our economy in the name of a virus that Nancy Pelosi paid China to create to get rid of Donald Trump, had any votes for their candidate? Give me a break.

But they can’t cheat the next election because they realize that now the American People aren’t afraid to fight back and many of us have been getting ready for this war for a life time. We are better trained then the police and willing to die for our beliefs. That is why the left is so scared by January 6th. This was their wake up call. They finally realized that they pushed America too far.

The American people had been locked up for no real reason other than to see how far we can be pushed. Finally people, myself included started to ask where are the bodies? We knew Covid was a political weapon from the start but Theory became fact when Nancy Pelosi’s the laptop was stolen off of her desk on January 6th.


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