The Real Reason the Established Politicians Hate Trump.

The entire time Donald Jon Trump was president he made the career politicians look bad because he kept all the promises he made. But that has little to do with the fact that they fear the man. So what made Trump so dangerous to lazy parasites such as: Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and Gretchen Whitmer?

If you walk down the street with this hat on you may find the answer.

You see people don’t support Donald Trump because they like him as a person, most don’t know the man. However the M.A.G.A. movement is more popular now with Joe (let’s destroy America) Biden in the Whitehouse. Why is that? Because Trump created jobs by getting rid of senseless bureaucracy and unfair tax for small businesses.

The Democrats voter base are all living on handouts. But the Dems have lost huge pats of their voter base due to the ridiculous policies brought on by the radical left during the pandemic lockdowns. They also turned voted to the light by allowing endless rioting and other crimes go unpunish in their cities.

As I said before the Dems realized that they fucked up by stealing the 2020 Election and making it so clear that Trump won. The January 6th protests showed them that they need to fear the people of America and for good reason. We all have P.T.S.D. (Positively Tired of Stupid Democrats). After all who really believes that a Democrat got elected after they intentionally destroyed our economy and paid China to create a bio-weapon that helped them steal the Whitehouse?

The M.A.G.A. movement is about American independence. We should never be dependant on another country for anything. If we are to make America Great we must be God back into the main stream. Family must be the highest priority. These are all things the Liberals hate. As a result we must force it down their throats.

The Left says systemic racism is a major problem in America. But let’s examine this. The Liberals have the universities the schools and every major business in America. If America’s systemically racist it is because the Democrats wanted it that way. Making America great again means getting rid of this PC cancel culture and woke bullshit!


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