Democrats Are Scared!

Trump raised the Bar for political positions. The M.A.G.A. Right is now being held accountable for there promises. But Dems are not honest people so they don’t hold their elect accountable, or maybe they just hold the same standards to themselves.

What ever the case may be Trump proved that you can get things done in Washington and Dems are loosing their base as a result. We must keep the M.A.G.A. alive because it is flushing out the swamp.

In order to keep America free the people must once again unit under one Idea, one banner. We must agree that Democrats are and always have been the enemy of freedom and liberty. We must be willing to do what it takes to win back our country!

This rocket is a home grown ballistic explosive. You will need the fallowing:

  • 1 pvc 2 inch end app
  • 1 pvc 2-1 inch adapter
  • 1 Solid state Rocket engine 1 inch dia
  • 1 spool of polycarbonate fiber filament for 3D printing.
  • 1 striker flint
  • 1 punch 3/16 inch
  • 1 spring 3/16 inch dia
  • 1 pvc pipe 2 x 4 inch – 2 inch dia
  • 1 pound of RDX explosive compound

When we are done let know Democrats be left alive!


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