Why M.A.G.A. is more important than Donald Trump

Jobs in America have been shipped over seas every time we have a Democrat in office. The first thing Joe (let’s destroy America) Biden did was shut down a pipeline costing thousands of American Jobs. To Make America Great Again we must put America first. To do that we must be honest with ourselves about the state of our economy and who created the problem.

Think about the economic lockdowns that happened in the name of a virus that is no worse than the flue. These lockdowns happened in Democrat run states. The crisis at the southern boarder is happening because America has a convalescent with advanced diminished mental capacity make a joke of the highest office in America. The only ones who have anything to gain from the human trafficking are elected Democrats in DC.

If these things have any truth to them we must conclude that the corruption in the American  Political Landscape must be weeded out. The politicians that I endorse only make the cut if they meet the fallowing criteria.

1.) The politician must be willing to stand up for Christian values.

They must be pro-life.  The must be in favor of carter shools.

The politician must be a Patriot,  meaning he must protect the bill of rights. As well as the 10 commandments.

2.) The politician must be financially responsible. He or she must not be in debt to show that he or she can do right by the taxpayer.

3.) The politician must be uncorruptable.

In this post I am going to talk about the opposition and the candidate who I endorse. I do give you a caveat if I endorse someone and they turn out to be a different person than they represented to me, they will be held accountable. So I don’t take this lightly.

Anne McEnerny-Ogle has been the Mayor of Vancouver Washington since 2018. Under her watch small businesses have gone out of business do to her political agenda and higher taxes. Homelessness has gone through the roof because of her book and release policies. That are shared by our Prosecutors.

My Friend Doug Coop is a Patriot who is the backbone of возрождение (Revival Church). I know that his Christian values will reflect in his administration as the Mayor of Vancouver. He would be tough on crime and help reduce the homeless population. If you want to know more about Doug go to www.dougcoop.com

The next Rhino (Treasonous Turncoat) that needs to be removed from office is Jamie Herrera Butler. She voted against funding for the border wall and has consistently voted with the communists. Running against this treasonous whore is Joe Kent. Remember that our freedom as patriots starts with getting God on our side. We do that through prayer. My pastor met Joe at a Patriot prayer meeting.

But one thing that I need to stress to Joe Kent is a principal that is shared by first responders and our brothers in arms around the world. “When shit hits the fan and the man next to you has fallen no matter what that mission was it has just changed, You mission now is at all cost to get your conrad to safety. Lady Liberty has an arterial hemorrhage that is caused by the Woke religion of the Left. That is right America is dieing and giving into the corruption of Washington DC is to take off the tourniquet and let her bleed out. An enforcement from Patriot Survival mean a life long commitment to your oath of office. For should you become a part of the problem we will have to cauterize the wound.

The homeless problem for the most part is the fault of Liberal D.A.s who refuse to press charges. My time as US Marshal and the time that I spent researching the Homeless Problem spending a year living on the streets has me believing that the bulk of the people in Portland Oregon in Vancouver Washington that happened be homeless are hiding from the law  in cities that have Insidious prosecutors who refuse to do their job. These treasonous D.A.s draw violence into our cities because known murders and rapists seek asylum on there streets.

I pray that these men enter office with God”s blessing on their mission. For the true Americans do not see color but the value of the man next to him or her by virtue of being human. Patriots are not Racists but we are the rebellion.

Things will never be easy much less fare. But once again the call rings out for volunteers and we will be there.

United we stand together as they mock and ridicule us to start the fight, but we will only part divided on the threshold of deaths door.

Our faith shields us, may our oath guide us, united we stand, divided we shall fall. ALL for one and one for ALL.

M.A.G.A is a fight that must go on long after Donald Jon Trump is in the ground. The government must fear the people again other wise Liberty is dead. May God bless America.

To support Doug Coop go to www.dougcoop.com

To lear more about Joe Kent go to. www.joekentforcongress.com


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