We All Live A double Life.

Привет всем. Меня зовут Анатоль Анатоличива.

In English this means “Hello to all, my name is Anatole Anatoliciva. You see we all lead more than one version of our own lives.

At work I am speaking mostly English and few people know that I once I clock out most of the people around me are speaking Russian. Most of use leave work out of our home life but when you work as an engineer for your own start up company, your home live quickly becomes work.

We see examples of this compartmentalizing with the Left. But in their case we have no choice but to call it hypocrisy. In the modern political landscape the Left pushes the Green New Deal, but has no practical answer for a replacement of energy sources. Instead they shame others for burning gas while the are flying in their private jets.

Patriot Survival has just built and sold our 5th PPP or Personal Power Plant. This simple device makes solar power practical in all situations. But we do not advertise because this government has become the enemy. If you want more information my Email address is anthonyantolic@patriot-survival.com


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