In The Coming War With Satan’s Army We Will Need To Go Old World.

As many of you know I prefer knives over guns. A gun is loud and will soon be illegal. But then once I dip my blade in rat poison so is my knife.

This 3D Printed addition to my knife’s sheath holds 3 Kunia or Quells.

I can put one through a three so they seem like a good addition to my arsenal. But my skill set is different than most. I suggest that you carry what works best for you. Remember the Dems want to take our guns because they are afraid of uprising and rightfully so. But guns run out of bullets and as the BLM and Anti-FA crowds must be delt with in larg groups other tactics must be delt so you don’t run out of bullets. I say so be it. After all Molotov cocktails filled with battery acid would be much more effective against a angry mob of Liberal Zombies.

Now I say to you, if these hate monger Democrats refuse to have a fare election and do all that they can to steal our income and our freedom, they are the enemy to freedom and we need to bring the war to them. The started this on November 3rd 2020.

If we take one out at a time, as we let them bleed out in their sleep. Our freedom many never be compromised. Is it a crime to kill a treasonous whore?

In response to Anti-FA’s Molotov cocktails I came up with this beautiful bundle of boom. The black powder is a mixture of ammonium sulfate, iron oxide powder, aluminum powder, magnesium powder, potassium sulfate, and iron oxide powder, and Activated Charcoal. But we can’t forget the potassium chloride. The glass test tube is corked and wicked with a standard modle rocket wick. This homemade grenade can take out three houses. So I say to Joe (Let’s Destroy America) Biden and his minions, please take my guns, I dare you. Some of us have been planning and training for this fight for a lifetime.

So we have the firepower and a power supply that produces water as a byproduct as a result a team can bibwack anywhere for extended periods of time. Freedom is not give by government. Freedom is earned through acquired knowledge.

The Left complains about January 6th being an insurrection, but in truth is the insurrection happened on November 3rd 2020. When the corruption of the Swamp took the voices of over 80% of America and ignored us. They would then install the most worthless man in History to the highest office in the land, thus making America a laughing stock in the eyes of our enemies. No American can ever trust our election again until we clean out Washington and our school system.

We tried to change the government through election and the Banana Republic won out! No we must abolish the government by revolution and replace it with a new guard. The new guard must be there to serve the American people and not there own selfishness. And in the process we must make God the foundation of our government once again.


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