I have told you from the beginning that there was never a Pandemic.

If you present any valid research on Facebook that is contradiction to their desired narrative, you get this message.

Here is a link to the interview that I tried to post. Click here. If you think about it this censorship is genius.

The left is paying big tech to block the truth so the government has plausible deniability regarding suppression of the First Amendment.

In the video the would have been posted of the fascist Bible known as Facebook, the truth that my readers all know comes to light. Thousands of personal interviews back this accretion about this global conspiracy that we now know as Covid-19 being nothing more than a hoax as Trump said.

Another video that will not be shown directly on the Fascist Bible is pointing out that even the CDC must admit that 6% of the worlds population being infected with the Bio-weapon that China unleashed says two things. First 6% is not a pandemic! Second that the weaponized virus which was unleashed was a failure as a Bio-weapon unless the resulting propaganda was intended to overthrow the rightful President of the United States of America. Chinese collusion anyone? You can see this video by clicking here.

As if all of this is noth enough to never trust the government again, you must watch this video of a nurse who just got the vacation discovered.

This is a link that everyone should see. We were right about Covid-19


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