Oh To Dare To Love America Again

Over the 4th of July an oppressive spirit may have been noticed, at least I noticed it. For the first time in America history people no longer feel free.

Rodina is the Siberian word for work on. I was able to understand the words of the song but didn’t know the context until my friend Yuri explained that the whole song was talking about a righteous pride that comes from the community working together.

Our nation is under a demonic attack that is aimed at dividing us much like a child working both parents to get what he or she wants.

But when a community comes to christ through the act of building a church or a school house, the walls of division are replaced with a love and respect for the children of God’s kingdom. Yes America is in trouble but Christ has our backs.

Doug, you are running for Mayor of Vancouver on a Christian platform and people are hungry for it.  I don’t believe any election will be ethically fare in America until we change the hearts of people who have lived on welfare for generations. The spirit of slothfulness is alive and strong it Vancouver. I ask that we pray against it for the good of future generations.


If the future generations are ever going to want to strive to be free in America again they must be proud enough of our country to want to fight for her. Yuri’s son Isaac asked why his public school teacher wants him to feel ashamed of his skin color and feel guilt for what his ancestry had done to the back people in America when his family has only been in America for 2 years. I asked him to record the conversation when he asks the teacher that same question.

The truth is the communists in our public schools want to defeat the enemies of there Ideology before they ever understand why millions are coming to America illegally every day. The truth is our kids are being indoctrinated into Liberal lies for the benefit of only the greedy elected. The 1619 project and June teenth are not based on any discernible facts you see June teenth has no date because the General who told the slaves of Texas that they were freed by the President because officially the event never happened, so they made up a date.

The truth is that the Vikings have long been well known for their advanced seafaring skills, had made the trip to north America 618 years before the Left claims the first Blackman walked on American soil. The first Viking houses at L’Anse aux Meadows near the northern tip of Newfoundland in 1961. This discovery triggered new archaeological explorations that provided more evidence of the Vikings presence in the North Atlantic and more important for this topic had a diverse crew on their ships.

The Norse colonization of North America began in the late 10th century, when Norsemen explored and settled areas of the North Atlantic including the northeastern fringes of North America. Remains of Norse buildings were found at L’Anse aux Meadows near the northern tip of Newfoundland in 1960. This discovery aided the reignition of archaeological exploration for the Norse in the North Atlantic.

Part of the archaeology discovery was pictographs that were found in nearby caves of the nortek settlements this visual account of their existence helps destroy the 1619 project due to clear illustration that black settlers happened to be accompanying the Viking population and evidence and clearly show they were not slaves.

The images below were discovered by a Harvard Grad student named Carol Silvan while on a dig in upper state New York.

The Democrats love to say they are the political party of science. If that was the case we wouldn’t be talking about 1619.

1619 has even less basis in fact because the first black man that came to America was not a slave but rather an obscurity. We have no name, only Legend because by any accounts that can be found the first black man who came to America commanded one of the Viking ships that came after Leif Erikson in 1001 AD easily 618 years before the so-called 1619 project. So he was not a slave and he was seen with high regard by the natives of the East Coast. But the agenda of the Left is to divide America so she can be concord and not teach true archaeological fact that can be backed up with cave images and literature. The problem is Democrats don’t care about the truth infact the fabricate according to need at the time, after all their master is the king of deception.

As you can see with just a little bit of research everything the Left has said in the past year fails to survive scrutiny. Yet everything that I am telling you about is well documented public record. If patriotism is going to survive these demonic attacks, we must be willing to take a stand when faced with adversity. The Bible says, “study to show yourself approved” (2 Tim, 2:15), well it is time we did just that. America was never founded on hate. Slavery was an economic tool that the Democrats love to use even today.

That fact is that the Bible never condemned slavery in fact Jesus instructs slave and servants to be respectful of your masters and instructs the slave master to treat the slave well. Like it or not under the old world definition we all have people that we work for and therefore are slaves. Freedom comes from knowing and believing in hope that can only be found in the love we have for Christ and each other.

If you recall Joseph was sold into slavery to Egypt but through the state of his heart he thrived and became the most powerful man in Egypt only second to the Pharo. Yet never did the Pharo free him. My point is Slavery is a mindset no one can make you a prisoner until you agree to it.

Whips and chains violence are only tools to be used to break the spirit of a captive. Yet throughout history people thrived even under the harshest of conditions. Maximilian Kolbe the Catholic saint Auschwitz-Birkenau writes, “I am beaten, starved, cold and bleeding, death is all around me and I am chained to the floor, yet I am at peace and feel for my captors for they in truth are the prisoners of their own making.”

Black activists in America are still slaves, but not to a system designed to keep them down. They are imprisoned in their own self-loathing and until they see the truth behind their own individual situation and the fact that the Democrat Party is manipulating their own hatred they will truly never be free. God made all men equal no government can give you or take away your own sovereignty. You see a cop can put handcuffs on me but unless I choose to go willingly I am not his prisoner in fact I know that I can kill him with the handcuffs he gave me. Freedom is a choice.

America is not the land of opportunity for some but not all. You have to choose to walk the path to your own success. You are equal and have the same rights as the man standing next to you but you have the choice to act on them. When people stop whine about what they don’t have and start looking for ways to achieve the goal America is an Amazing place.

America appears to be racist when black children are raised to fear cops because Mom and Dad live on welfare and refuse to motivate themselves to act on the opportunities given to them, So the gang life is more attractive and crime pays better than a welfare check. But these are choices and many Black Americans have worked their way into success. If people are honest with themselves and others God has probably offered them multiple chance to take a different path but for one reason or another fear took over and years latter nother has changed.

Freedom is a choice! If you prefer your addiction over the path that God is offering, you can’t blame anyone but yourself for the path that you chose for yourself. “As for me and my house we will choose the Lord” (Joshua 24:15), over any Government bribe.


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