Recall Joe Biden!!!

Biden says there is no evidence that Americans are collecting unemployment instead of working. His is right because no one who claims unemployment can call themselves American. But all kinding aside people are sewing there states for cutting off their unemployment. That is all the evidence you should need to go forward with the 25th adment to remove Biden from the office that he stole from the American people.

Politico says that the election officials of the November 3rd 2020 insurrection, way back on 06/30/3/2021, fear an audit because they know they committed treason on November 3rd. Now that the audits are done for the most part and we know that beyound any doubt Joe Biden was not elected, we need to remove to worsted man for the job. Prison is too good for home and his cabinet.

The mainstream media is attacking these audits because of their own agenda to destroy America. But now that even Pennsylvania is looking at how corrupt the fake election of 2020 to move on. I pray that Biden is overturned but in the event that he is not I am ready to fight and pray that you are as well. The Supreme Court of the United States of America betrayed the American people be refusing to hear the Texas case against Pennsylvania regarding the clear corruption of the 2020 General Election. As a result we can’t trust the government to do the right thing. america has fallen Patriots ariase.


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