Hard Times Are Coming

if you are not feeling the financial effect of the insurrection that was aloud to happen on November 3rd 2020, you are one of the few. The truth is that even the traitors on the Left are regretting knowing the name Joe (let´s destroy America) Biden. The man is a failure! But it is only getting worse.

War is in the wind and at this point, it is the only way left to save America. It is my belief that all Democrats should share the fate of all of these Traitors who conspired ito install Joe Biden to destroy America. You see I hate them all equally and believe no Democrat should be left alive. The election process has failed due to institutional corruption. At this point no vote can be trusted and the agenda is clear, “destroy america before we loose our power.”

Even the US Supreme Court Betrayed the American people and for that should have their freedom stripped from them. When the corruption goes as high as our highest court, we have no other recourse but to abolish the government to instate a New guard to protect our God given rights. That means every Liberal should be killed in the streets! This message should be clear to those who tired to kill our God, for it was our God that gave us the tools to win this war. We fight with science, something the Left knows nothing about.

They fear January 6Th because they were shown to be vulnerable. Well I say the protestors failed! I would have blown the foundation of every Capitol building that disgraces itself with Democrat leadership. That would have happened all at once and it would have been the start of the war! From their we poison water supplies and kill off liberal cities. But January 6th should be compared with 09/11? Give me a break! Liberals are still alive. Not if I had planned it.

We would have used the protest as a distraction so we could kill as many Capital Police and Secret Service as possible, so the next stage of the attack could advance. We tent the buildings and pump mustard gas into the vents. After that we blow up the buildings. At this point the goal is kill off 100% of government to fix the corruption would be close to met. But January 6th 2021 was an insurrection? Please!

The Liberal media would be executed in the streets for there role in a fake pandemic and treason against a sitting President. But they don´t see the crime, so they must die slow and publicly. This is where the country is going, so please take our guns. I can buy all that I need to make this a reality on amazon. Think about it, One arrow can level a city block. Body armor will not protect you! But you keep worrying about January 6Th. Ha ha ha.

They are still holding national heros as political prisoners for being in DC on the day AOC publicly pissed her pants and wined about it making up storys to distract from the puddle on the floor.


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