It Is Time For Civil Disobedience

The Left use intimidating the masses as a means to use their fear to help them control freedom loving Americans. The link above is to a video on rumble to is not compatible with WordPress due to the liberal nature of the platform. But patriots are used to having no means to communicate to large groups. After all we are the resistance and this is a war for our freedom!

On a more personal note a young woman, named Katie who goes to my church is in a coma after a motorcycles accident. My pastor started a gofundme to help her family with medical expenses. I am putting in this link hoping that my readers might come forward and help them out. To support Katie click here.

Now back on track. Today Senator Rad Paul has been band from FaceBook, YouTube, and the others for a video that is calling for Patriots to tell the government that was fraudulently instated on our new national day of mourning November 3rd 2020, to go FUCK them selves. Those are my words not his but you must see this video.

As soon as Joe (lets destroy America) Biden was forced into office I bought my first personal gun. We knew that he would be working toward baning all weapons because Democrats are in their nature corrupt and realize that the 2nd Amendment was written to help Americans defend against them and their criminal nature. Like it or not, people we are at war. We must impeach biden or kill him.

It should never be a crime to kill a Left Wing Terrorist, but for some unknown reason the establishment does frown on the idea. But that is why the Dems are always pushing against the right for Patriots to defend our country. As soon as I published this piece I got a summons to appear in court. Speaking out against the Nov 3rd 2020 insurrection is now a crime in America. I am now a wanted man.

Maybe I should keep the RV and just fire the shot that would be felt around the world.

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