Everyone Has A God Moment!

About a month ago I aquired an RV. I modified it with a  PE254TC-15-4 Electric Motor and installed the newest generation of the PPP. I fixed up the living quarters and installed gun racks. This RV was meant to be my tool to start the Rebellion. But like they say “if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.”

Just before I got the RV, a teen from my church got in a bad accident and ended up in a coma. I wanted to sign over the RV to the church for medical expenses but then I was called into court to defend my right to question the 2020 General Election. My instincts told me to be ready to go dark. I had no plans to even show up to court but my boss payed for an attorney and it didn’t feel right to run.

While I stood there in front of the Judge, who is well known for being a liberal hack, I realized that Katie has the entire Slovak community in both Vancouver and Portland, but I  a man who lost his arm to protect his unit in Afghanistan and was awarded  the Congressional Medal of Honor but in spite of being a CMH holder has still been living on the streets, has no one to help him.

I enlisted Mike’s help. What can I say, once a Regulator, always a Regulator. Mike and I armoured the vehicle and made it easy to drive with just a left arm.

Today we handed Gerry the keys and title to more than just an old RV, we gave him shelter from the storm that we all know is come. As Gerry looked around his new home, tears filled his eyes. He shook my hand and made eye contact with Mike. “You were a part of this.”

“We all were.” Gerry looked confused from Mike’s answer.

“Who is we?” Gerry asked with tears of joy. I explained to Gerry that people have not forgotten those who got lost in American bureaucracy. I made it a point to explain to the Captain of the 42nd Airborne that we may have done the work but the glory belongs to God.

Gerry thanked us both and we left him with a message that he is loved.


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