Do We Really Need Government?

Left, Right, Liberal or Patriot, do we really need the titles? On July 15th 2020, I promised myself and Nattalia as she died in my arms on 3rd street, that I would stay the course and protect the people around me.

Our freedom is not given to us by elected officials who happen to work for us and should be reminded of that fact by force if they get out of line. Today I was put in Facebook Jail again for talking about or kind of joking about paying someone with money I don’t have to shoot Joe Biden who is guilty of treason. And has done everything he can to destroy American Freedom.

This brings me to the title topic of the post. Freedom is sacred not a privilege that a government can take away. I say this because Mankind was free long before government excited. But we became slaves due our own sinful nature. Our creator took pitty on us and payed for our ransome with a final blood covenant.

That blood that stained the sands of Calvary Hill restored our freedom but more blood had to be split on Bunker Hill, Normandy Beach, Gettysburg and many other places lost in history, to protect our freedom that was won for us by Christ’s sacrifice, from evil men the likes of Vlad Tempis the impaler, Rasbutin, Adolf Hitler, and Joe Biden.

You see we as humans never needed the Democrat Scum, the Republican Swap, the Right or Left Wings, Liberal Terrorists or Conservative Patriots. However we do need the blood that gave us our freedom, represented by the Red strips on a flag the modern liberal scum calls “Racist.” We do need the purity of spirit and virgin innocence, that is represented by the White stripes that make up the remaining of the 13 strips of the flag know once as old glory but is now called “racist” by the intellectually disabled liberals of modern America.

The truth is if you break down even the meaning behind the Red White and Blue the CTR narrative just fails. The blue field with 50 stars was intentionally placed to unite the strips that also represents the first 13 colonies and the 50 states on equally ground.

All men are created equal and endowed by our Creator (God) with rights that no government can take away. Yet Liberal Leadership has used a made up virus to convince us to hand over our freedom. They can’t take our freedom away without killing us because any real man would gladly defend his own freedom with his life. So it must be given up freely.

The Zombie class however would blindly do what ever a corrupt government demands just as long as they don’t have to lift a finger to make a living. This is why Democracy never worked in the past and never will. The voices are influenced by the sin of sloth.


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