Talking About Joe Being A Traitor Got Me Blocked On Fake Book?

This Article Is To Get What The Libs Don’t Want You to Know Out There For The World To Read.

Biden fucked up! But that is ok because he blames Donald Trump’s Administration for Joe (Fuck Up) Biden’s own bad decisions. Well that is fine because the internet never forgets, no matter how much you bribe big tech. The links are only backing up what I am saying.

The American people want Joe (I have Never Finished Anything) Biden to step down from office. The wife of a fallen American Hero calls Sippy cup Joe incompetent and also calls for him to resign. One thing for sure Biden has no chance to win in a far election in 2024 because he is the most hated man in America. His first day in office he killed the Keystone pipeline costing thousands of American jobs.

But we should not expect anything less than treason from a Chinese double agent that was installed into our highest office for the sole purpose of destroying America. Mike lindell proved that the 2020 General Election was rigged. This was Biden’s first count of treason against America. But this is the man the Federal Supreme Court took sides with refusing to hear Texas’s case. The corruption weeks of liberals. If that wasn’t enough

Good hard working American Patriots took to the streets on January 6th 2021 to be heard. Thousands of good Americans went to DC and many of them went to prison because the insurrection that happened on November 3rd 2020 was supposed to be overlooked. The press and the Swamp vilified these men and women who committed no crime. The Capital building is owned by the taxpayers and most Democrats are on public assistance so they don’t pay taxes. In other words, the Republicans who just wanted to be heated by their representatives had more right to be their than Congress does. After all it is our taxes that pays their wages.

We must also note that the fact that there are some many people that just want 2020 to go away and be forgotten about should tell any investigator that there is something people are trying to hide. Over 80% of Americans believe there was election fraud on a natural level in the 2020 election. As a result American s do not have a leader because no one would ever take Joe (let’s fundamentally change America forever) Biden seriously as a leader because he isn’t one everyone recognizes that Joe Biden is a puppet and China is pulling the strings.

30 minutes after I published the original post of Fakebook, I had a uniform at my door with a subpoena. I was elated that I had a chance to prove my point to the Judge. Because when my first amendment right to freedom of speech is taken because someone doesn’t want people to hear what I have to say, it means I am on the right track. No one voted for Biden who doesn’t regret it! Because American Freedom died on November 3rd 2020. I was court ordered to take the first post down so I did and rewrote it. Because when good men remain silent things like the Holocaust happen where thousands of Jews are tortured and murdered.

The reasons behind gun control is because the Democrats know they are the criminals and don’t want us to fight back.


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