My Mill Broke

The Lower I almost finished but I burned up the mills motor.

I just need to clean up the trigger pocket and go deeper with the safety channel. But I can’t do it by hand. I need another mill. This gun just got $200.00 more expensive.

I realized that I would have to buy a full sized mill to reach the depth that is needed to finish the lower. So I am going to go Rebel on this thing. People have been making these things with a hand drill for years. So that is what I am going to do. The thing is all the videos that talk about this are using Palmer 80 lowers. Mine are real. This is going to take some time.

The process is much slower but it is working. I can’t wait to put this gun together.

I think I should mention that I also shaped the contract points around the trigger to be more comfortable in the right hand. If you are going to build your own gun make it comfortable.

I think it is also important to note that Biden is against ghost guns because he knows that his administration is the enemy. In fact I would have never wanted a gun until Biden was installed. That is why I engraved on the outside of the ejection port, “Fuck Biden!” and on the inside I engraved “MY VOTE!” When I get Joe in my sights the humor will become clear, as the brass leave the gun and his head explodes from the impact of the bullet. Only then will Americans be free again.

The Bible says that, “no power is given unto thy expect by God” (Rome 13:01), well God-fearing American’s don’t acknowledge Biden as anything more than a traitor: therefore Joe doesn’t have God’s blessing much less any authority. He was not elected!

At the same moment that Biden’s Head explodes so will vice president Harris and the Cancer in the house will also be delt with. The only way to heal America is to cut out the infection. We do that with explosives. Trump talked about draining the swamp but he did it wrong. They all must die! America must come first.

Their are many reasons that Biden is a failure. But the truth is he can’t be be a failure if he is successful in archiving the goals he set out to meet. In other words, destroy American Freedom.

One more set back the striker wholes are not square. This can be fixed but it means time lost. It also means that I must invest in some boundo. This is going to need a level fix.

A funeral detector puts light one the truth about Covid-19.


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    • Hello, I am interested in your donation of studio time. As you mentioned in your comment on As you have probably realized I am not your conventional activist. I believe that true Patriots must define their patriotism with a strict adherence to the founding documents of America.

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