To Gay Or Not To Gay

Contrary to what the Left wants us to believe, homosexual tendencies are neither natural or normal. If they are natural we would see cases of it in nature with other primates. We don’t! I know first hand that the distorted love-map is more times than not a result of the people who are demanding gay rights are abusing children and cultivating the next generation of homosexuals in our culture.

I promise that I will back up the connection between homosexual behavior and abusive histories but for now we need to talk about why the subject is important to America’s future.

Homosexuality is being taught in our public schools to children who have not yet established a love map. This action along with the entertainment industry working so hard to normalize the learned behavior is a kind of soft molestation. In short the evil agenda of the Left is becoming clear.

You see marriage is a gift from God between a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation. By intentionally creating homosexual tendencies in the next generation the Left is clearly trying to depopulate the Earth. So now we have the motive established, now let’s talk about how the minions of the Fallen plan to do this.

We know that the vacation for a nonexistent pandemic is not about protecting you from a fake virus. However we do know that the vacation for COVID-19 has killed more people for real then the made up number deaths since the start of the pandemic. The bible tells us the we can measure Man by the fruits of his labor. So we know the vacation kills. We also know that the governments of the UN Alliance have been pushing Agenda 21 since before I knew what the UN really was.

Agenda 21 moves to “reduce the world’s population to manageable levels.” While I don’t remember the number it would mean a mass genocide of the world’s population. A small group of us are fighting to stop this but it seems clear that by pushing a poison that is genetically engineered to kill select groups people and promoting a homosexual lifestyle to kids even before puberty, the minions of Satan have an effective weapon to reduce the world’s population.

The reason most people that I know would not take the vacation for a virus that we know is fake is that we don’t trust any government, especially one that would rig an election. The funny part is the people who would live through this are the elect who don’t have to take it and their enemies who will not take it.

I promised that I would tell you about my and other people’s research that links homosexuality to child abuse. The reason that this is important is that it proves the real reason homosexuality is being so heavily promoted.

For 15 years I have been asking random members of the LGBTQ community to talk about there first experience with homosexuality. I talked to over 8000 people and only 15 told me that their first experience was as an adult. But even they admitted to having experienced abuse as a child.

I live across the bridge from one of the largest LGBTQ communities in the world. So research was easy. They all had stories of child molestation and feels of abandonment and a lack of connection to parental figure. Other studies from Harvard before they went woke and Burley backed up my findings. My personal dog in this race was that two of my cousins had come out of the closet and they both had contact with my uncle whom my mother claimed raped her. A pattern emerged once I realized that all of the children in my uncle’s life become homeless after admitting they are Gay or Lesbian.

So clearly homosexuality can be called an enginered or manufactured behavior. It is my belief that the Left is using this technique to help reduce the population. More evidence as to their agenda is found in the Supreme Court that ruled that mentally ill patience can be given a chemical castration to keep them from procreating. The direction is clear that those in power are attacking the commonwealth.

It might also be beneficial to consider why Libtards would put the most vulnerable into nursing homes. Anthony Fauci knowingly prescribed a treatment for covid that causes the same symptoms that the press was reporting covid to have. This had to be premeditated murder hands down. So we put the non-contributing members of the society into sing buildings and relive the Jewish Holocaust. Why, I refer you to agenda 21. Most are a public liability according to Hitler’s way of thinking.


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