We Can Avoid Refunding Law Enforcement!

Why does the Left think they can refund the agent s charged with enforcing the laws of the land? They believe they can because the fact is that this corrupt government subsidies have strings attached. The people paying them have a say in how things are done. I have a solution.

Make law enforcement completely independent of any government funding. That way the corruption of government. The public must always acknowledge that no matter who is in charge the government is and always must be considered the enemy. It must be this way if the common people were to remain free.

Because government can only function with a steady income of the theft of it’s citizen’s income through taxes you must assume that they thinks our money belongs to them. But the truth is, if the government wants to redirect our money away from the only reason that governments exist, which is according to Thomas Jefferson in the preamble of the Declaration of Independence, “to secure these rights (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in other words the police)” that government no longer has any reason to exist.

Furthermore any government that would destroy the lives of their own citizens is truly evil.  What is the true purpose of the C-19 Vac? Without getting to far off track I linked a video to the question.


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