The Dems Are In Trouble!

November 3rd 2020

The Democrats cheated their way in to victory to put the worst man for the job in the Whitehouse. Ever since we have watched freedom die.

When Joe Biden stole the office of Commander and Chief of the American Military on November 3rd 2020. Gun sales went up. When he proved to America that he was in no way called by God to have any power at all, everything that this Traitor says started to become a meme. Many myself included feel that his being in the Whitehouse is a disgrace to every sole that has died for our freedom since our foundation was laid. With the command of no justified respect, even among the Military, The drums of war are starting to be heard in the Highlands “Let’s Go Brandon” or more accurately in the Midwest and among conservative circles. But few are thinking of anything less than Revolution. I am getting ready and so should you.

Building The Tools To Keep Our Freedom!

The Liberals like to say that the Second Amendment was reffing to the right to hunt, as if the government has any authority over your ability to feed our family. Which by the way no government has any power unless the people consent to said power. The fact the #FJB is still alive says that the American people just have not gotten pissed off enough to take our country back.

This by the way is the real reason for the Second Amendment. The fact is that every government is corruption at it’s core. They exist because the people want secure boarders, they want to feel safe in our own homes and when the government becomes destructive to these ends the people have the obligation to destroy said government and replace it with one that will do its job. #letsgobrandon is being used as a rally cry for Patriots to get her around. But the Left has found ways to make it really hard to find the parts you will need to rebel against the Terrorist Dictatorship known as the Biden Administration.

You can find parts for an AR-15 but it takes time to get them and you pay much more than you should. You may also have to modify them for your needs. Remember the American government under Joe Biden in is the enemy and anyone protecting him must be considered a traitor to the cause of liberty. Therefore 100% collateral damage with no prisoners is necessary for this operation. Bullets are another commodity that is a hard find. I found a way around that.

One thing that I did have to do was cut and polish off the loop on the buffer plate next to the hinge. It gets in the way of fold the stock. Joe Biden did make it much harder to find gun parts that are in stock. So I just fix and even improve the parts that I have.

This AR-15 platform houses a weapon that the bureau of Affirmed Tyrannical Fuck Ups better known as the ATF, would never ever begin to imagine. To begin I went down to list of all of the things that the ATF Haters and calls illegal and I build the gun around them. Because why not. The ATF will not exist after we are done anyway. But that is beside the point. Why acknowledge authority to a group under an administrative branch that took the office by force.

According to the ATF definition of firearm, this gun does not qualify as a gun. It doesn’t shoot bullets because bullets are hard to find. But you can go into any hardware store and buy nails. You see this is a rail gun. In fact it doesn’t have even a conventional trigger to the conventional definition. So while on the outside this may look like an illegal AR-15 this is something completely new. What AR-15 has a built-in computer?

The gun breaks down into a 12 in bundle that fits in a child’s bookbag.

The green tab that is located where the safety should be is a biometric thermal sensor. If I am not the one that picked up the gun the gun will not fire. A control panel in the end of the stock controls how fast the projectile will leave the gun. Like I said the JBH is unlikely to be regulated because it will never be mass produced and if I am stoped by a cop, I just  hand it to him he sees no recognizable trigger along with the fact that it will not respond to the cop helps back up my story and I can say it is just a movie prop.

The JBH is built with 2 barrels that are interchangeable. A 6 inch barrel for urban and a 20 in barrel that will one day soon make this toy live up to it’s name. The JBH (Joe Biden Hunter). There is only one form of penance for the Democrats at this point. When their leaders are shot with a nail at 1000 feet per second that is covered with arsenic maybe we can start to heal this land.

One of the problems with any prototype is the chances of finding pets that fit the project specifications is next to impossible. But the same God that endowed us with human rights also gave us the intellect to defend our freedom. So much of my time has been custom manufacturing parts for the main tool of the mission. We are calling the mission “operation free America” (OFA).

Because the Far Left (FL) is hell bent on destroying America every elected Democrat must be considered a domestic terrorist and because the courts can’t be trusted we must take back America by spilling FL blood on the streets. The operations protocol for the OFA is simple. If you see a Liberal you kill it!

I had to remove the loop on the left side to make room for the folding stock.

Building Arms Out Of A Hardware Store

This is the first batch of RDX so I need to  test it. I don’t know where but I will find a spot. Just like building the JBH when Biden hast made it next to impossible to find parts, you can’t let a Granade off in the city limits so I opened up the container so it would just burn if the PH balance is correct.

With a flick of a bic and the his of the wick the powder let of a flash and left no evidence. Successful test!

In order to build the arsenal for the Ghosts of the Sons Of Liberty, we need every soldier to carry their own Granade Launcher.

This is a 40 cal Granade that anyone can build at home.

Granade Specs

This video shows how much Joe (the Fucking Traitor) Biden is hated in America.

How The JBH Trigger Group Works

A Rail Gun doesn’t use gun powder, however the projectile needs some to push passed the first set of magnets to start the be process. This is where the trigger’s hammer comes in.

The ATF thinks they can regulate Suppression! Think again this suppressor was 3D printed in 8 hours.

The baffles are printed in the same step as the exterior housing. The suppressor weighs under 3 oz.


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