Our Response To Joe Biden’s Declaration of War Against The American Patriots

As we build our arsenal to reclaim our Freedom, the words of Thomas Jefferson could not hold more relivance than the day #FJB Fucking-Up Joe Biden officially declared war on Patriots. So I say to all who are of a like mind.

The reason the Democrats are preaching about home grown terrorist is because they understand that what they are doing justifies a rebellion to abolish this established government and institute a new guard. The Dems also understand that under this new guard most of them will be facing the firing squad for treason. As a result they latch on to January 6th 2021 and call it an insurrection, when in truth they got caught cheating in the 2020 general election so on November 3rd 2020 those who where involved with rigging the election are guilty of Treason and that means all of the Left side of the isle would face the consequences.

In fact Biden threatened to nuke Patriots to justify gun control. But today the ATF or know in my circle as the Association Tyrannical F*** heads, decided to once again go after Law Abiding Citizens. But to give some relief please enjoy some Vet TV.

There’s a saying that goes something like this, history is written by the victors. Well the problem is at least in this case, the victory isn’t clear yet. Yes Joe Biden is sitting in the unlawfully in the office of the President, and he is doing everything that he can to destroy America. But the fact is that the bulk of America does not believe Joe Biden was ever elected. The fact is that most of America is more than willing to fight to bring back our freedom and that is why they left is so scared and radical about gun control. After all you don’t form a militia to go hunting for animals. The government is and always must be considered the most dangerous enemy America has.

So today I say to you that there comes a time in every Union where two parties must separate and according to Thomas Jefferson it is only polite to explain why this separation is necessary.

You see American Patriots believe that all Men are created equal and are endowed by our Creator with certain uninalienable RIGHTS. These rights are supposed to be protected by the government who works for the people who elected them, That is the only reason that government exists! But under the Biden Administration the rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness have been completely ignored and replaced with open borders and a lack of security, furthermore no-one can trust in the government and no financial stability because of Democrat irresponsible spending. It is my belief in the belief of many others that this separation, this divorce from the Democrat party will not be civil and should not be civil in fact it should be bloody as hell just as bloody as their party enforcers known as Anti-FA and Black Lives Matter have made it for the rest of America! The only difference is most of the conservatives that you’re worried about have military experience trained by your military and we are fighting for our homes, we are not an invading Force and the reality is that throughout history the resistance with the most to loose are the farmers, the tradesmen and the local civil servants, lawyers and doctors, that  happen to live within the borders of the conflict will fight harder and more effectively than any allied Force; so I have to say to you Joe Biden “let’s go Brandon!”


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