Survival IS A Decision!

Good morning Patriots!

Mike Lyndell had an interview with Our 45th President and only leader we in America had for 200 years. Trump has inspired millions to believe that America is worth saving and the communist scum on the Left hate him for it. But as I have been telling you I believe the only way to start our path back to freedom is boots on the ground killing Democrats. We know they will cheat in every election going forward and the Supreme Court turned their back on America by not hearing Texas case for election fraud in 2020. So the only way back is blood! Remember that our freedom was won as the blood of the Christ fell on the sands of Calvary. Therefore anyone who wants to take our freedom should expect to pay for it with his or her life!

I have already decided to die for this country’s freedom how many are with me? I know how hard it is to keep fighting through both your own personal challenges, while continuing too fight to preserve the freedom that so many died for before us.

I have been fighting my Fourth bout of Cancer for the last three months. Two days ago I had a tumor cut out of my right leg. I lost mucsle and control of my stool. Needless to say that I have not been able to work. Today I am getting my stitches out and look forward to getting back to work soon. I can’t wait to be able to at least sit down without pain. But personal challenges have no relivance regarding the end game of keeping America free from terrorists the likes of Nancy and Joe. We must decide to sacrifice our own needs in favor of riding the human race of demonic Liberalism. It is time to stand up for the Right and severe the Left arm forever!


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