The ATF is not going to be able to control the American Spirit of Freedom.

December for me was spent in recovery from surgery that took away a lot of use of my right leg. The doctor said it would take about 6 months to get my strength back. When a tactical operations support engineer has too much time on his hands he starts designing and building. I have been building toys for the teams since I was 19 years old. I love what I do and it keeps me employed. But the problem that the has is I am not the only one that believes that the government must die for our freedom to be protected.

As I have been talking about, what the government does not know about it can’t regulate! In this case I am talking about suppressors. These days you can buy a 3D printer that will do the job for under $300.00, so we know the ATF just became obsolete! Further proof is how easy it is to produce a gun and have the parts sent to your home. Technically we must register the finished tool with the tyrants at Alcohol Tabaco and Firearms or as I would like to call them “The Administration of Tyranny and Fascism”, who by definition is the reason we have a Second Amendment.

One of the reasons I have never been an advocate for any form of government is the constant medoling in our lives. The picture below as bad as it looks is the result of Big government and liberal stupidity.

The yong man driving the car had the car in front of him, slam on his breaks to avoid hitting a Jaywalker. The crumple zone that is set at 15 pounds totaled the car for no reason, accept the government regulation required the CZ. I would have just hit the gas and claimed that I panicked. But the liberal scum that enabled the Jaywalker to feel safe the next time he does it also totaled out the car behind him, and endangered three more lives that were in the car that was forced to hit his rear end, not to mention the potential of another car in the Domino effect and any people in that car. My point is the loss of a man who feels like he is above the law, to protect many others is no loss. Is that why Democrats fear their own shadows?

Like the Jaywalker forcing the driver in front of the kid to stop, the ATF has no control over American ingenuity or how much America hates FJB at this moment. This AR platform was shipped right to my house. I customized it and built it from the ground up. As long as Americans has a brian they can fight back. The lower is going to be replaced in a few weeks. This one is being used to hold it all together for function tests. By the way nothing on this gun is legal according to the ATF.

This thing fits into my backpack.
The 20 inch barrel breaks down at 7 inches to become a pistol.

An AR pistol that has a conversion into a sniper’s rifle, the ATF says… Well who cares what the enemy says! This is war! I have been training for this my entire life. I never believed that I would have to fight against my own countries government but the corruption runs so deep that for the love of God and Country some one has to eat the sins of this generation so the children can worship freely in their generation.

I never expect to come back from a mission like this so I pray that Biden goes peacefully so I can come home to the music at church and the laughter of the kids that I will nether have. I can hear Natalia’s voice telling me that the soul of the Republic rests on one shot. She puts so much pressure on me. I miss my wife.

#FJB and his Vacation mandates have cost me my job. For the good of this country I have to kill him or be killed trying. But one thing is certain, One of us will fall before this is over.

A new development has shown me that the current design for the stock hinge. When folded the buffer tube can shoot out making the gun useless. This needs to be redesigned. But on the home front the suppressor works beyond all expectations. Now I am printing gun parts for men who I believe well defend our freedom from the greatest threat American Patriots have ever known. If you have not figured it out I am talking about Liberal Social Terrorists aka Democrats!


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