Happy New Year

2020 & 21 suck more that any years in my memory. Trump had his presidency stolen by the deep state. Putting in the Traitor we have destroying America with every breath. 21 was more of the same with a fake virus to assert power no government has over their people. I have went from Job to job because I refuse to get the Jab as I am sure many of you have. It seems to me the only way America can survive it to kill the Democrat presence in DC. Stay Free America and Let’s Go Brandon!

Patriot Survival is under attack sites on WordPress with similar content have been taken down by the Hippie Libtards who own WordPress. As a result the bulk of the content that might get me cancelled is being put on Locals. If you are interested in our 3D Printed guns and the files that we use to build them subscribe to our Locals Chanel and that is where you will find the content. The ATF that has no authority to do so in America. No laws have changed yet that have made guns illegal in America. That is unless you are a Democrat! Then a drive by shooting is a misdemeanor. The double standard in America is clear.

If human life matters to you and individual rights are sacred to you please subscribe to my channel.

Please understand that Freedom is Never FREE. But that is why the Left Hates the 2nd Amendment.



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