Why We Must Always Concider Any Government As The Enemy!

About 2 months ago the ATF aka the Arrogant Tyrannical Fascists the Nazi arm of the Democrat party, raided Polymer 80. For those who don’t know P-80 is the main supplier of Anti Liberal protection for real Americans. But that is ok it is time to bring the fight to them. In my Locals Chanel I am trying to teach Patriots to build guns. For this content you must be a paid member but that weeds out the undesirables.

Liberals are terrified of the reality that with 3D printing the ATF can’t control ghost guns. Why are the scared? I talk more about that on Locals. But they should be scared because they started a war they can’t win and many of us have trained all of our lives to win. As far as I am concerned no law in America is valid as long as there is a double standard for Patriots and Libtards! So yes build your SBR and make them full Auto. After all we should be equally armed when they come from us! And on that day many will die before me but I plan to be put in my grave. For I died when the Liberals murdered my wife. So bring it on. There is nothing more dangerous than a man who has nothing to loose.

Remember Waco and Ruby ridge in every false flag that the Liberals have put before us remember covid in the constant tyranny remember the theft of the White House by a man that is not worth a living much less leading this is why the United States federal government should always be considered the enemy. But let us not forget the countless Americans and allies that Joe Biden forgot or just turned his back on in Afghanistan let us not forget the countless lives that have been lost due to endless rioting and crime in Liberal run States. It is time to man up and stand up for our children as they are having homosexual education forced down their throats. We must protect our kids from a party that protects rapists and prevents in dresses who go into women’s restrooms to rape our children. Lock and load people leave no stone unturned. We need to cleans America of these criminals known as Liberals! Let the blood flow!


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