Change Is Always Hard.

About four months ago I broke my left wrist. After the surgery I could not feel my hand much less use it. It happened at work so I do still an income while healing through Workers Comp.

While the scare will fade and the accident only took a fraction of a minute to happen, the consequences of the resulting injury will be with me for the rest of my life.

It took seven years for America to create the republic for which every Democratic President has worked so hard to destroy but like the city of Kiev in the Ukraine that has stood for over 2000 years or my arm that took almost 50 years to gain the strength to climb a rock wall, One slip on a wet floor, a clean bombing run or a rigged election could destroy all of the time and work invested. Yet I have learned about my limittions and I pray the Ukraine will never trust another country to protect them again and that America will never trust a Democrat ever again. Look at Joe Bidden’s pick for the supreme court that seems to have less than an academic understanding of the United States Constitution which is her sole role to uphold. Clearly She will never do that, so she is not qualified for the roll. 

Our country is going through a cold civil war that Patriots can’t afford to lose. This link is to a Podcast that defines our Rights as American citizens. Now I have a question. After 2020 can you ever trust an election in America again?


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