Patriots Must Rise

Today I got to do one of my favorite things. I got a chance to walk along the water front and enjoy the view.

As I did I was only slightly distracted from the new Podcast software that I found the night before. With all that has been going on for the past 3 years or if your want to get real 5 years.

I mean even before Trump was elected the Clinton campaign paid people to riot in the streets chanting, “Not My President!” and when they found out that you voted for Donald Jon Trump, they would knock you down and start kicking you yelling, “You Voted Trump!”

What does this have to do with the wild life? I am sure that is what at least some of you are thinking.

I know, not vary peaceful thoughts as I walk through such a calming setting. Well I was reminded of that as a little humming bird squeaked at me just before it buzzed my head. I swear the bird did it on perpuse.

All kidding aside, with my former line of work it is still hard to step away from politics.

The Anti-Trump Riots of 2016 may have got pushed under the rug in favor in January 6th 2021, that was not even a riot by Democrat standards. I mean the Jan 6er’s were only going after one building and the Anti-Trumpers destroyed cities. Can someone say hypocrisy? How many people got arrested in 2016?

Any way the “Patriots Must Rise” Podcast will deal with the word of the law and how history says it must be interpreted. I plan on expanding on current events like so many others but the twist is that I have lived through these events before. History does repeat and unfortunately this was not too long ago.


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