The Rally Cry

Every Culture Has Their Own Protest Song For Every Generation.

  • Paint It Black By The Rolling Stones 1966
  • The Sound Of Silence By Simon and Garfunkel 01/17/1966
  • Кукушка (Coocoo) by Polina Gagarina 1999
  • Мы Едины (We Are One) By Anastasia Scar 02/14/2022

All of these songs were written to voice contempt for an unjust war that has touched the author in some way. “We are One” is the newest of these songs born of conflict. The Ukraine, Russia boarder conflict may be only a few weeks old at the time of this publishing, but the crys of her people has captured international attention.

The songs precessor Кукушка is said to have helped inspire the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 a full ten years before the song got famous.

Before I go on, this Podcast is in no way affiliated with any of the Artists mentioned above or in the Podcast Episode it’s self. The songs listed are simply use as examples of protest songs through the ages.

Please go to this link to hear the Podcast.

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