Nothing Comes For Free!

Tomorrow morning I go back into work for the first time in months. After an on the Job injury I have been off the job and just doing physical therapy. Now I am not a patient man. I mean I wanted to get back to work in February. But   my doctor would not release me. So I have been working from home.

While I was at home I started a Podcast. After all I was going crazy at home. I am not a Democrat. I work for a living rather than steal from hard working Americans.

March 25th, 2023 Patriots Must Rise

#blm #georgefloyd #fucktheDems #letsgobrandon #fjb In this episode we talk about The verdict of the Cop the Killed George Floyd. Join me on Fundrise: The DOJ verdict against Derek Chauvin = — Send in a voice message:
  1. March 25th, 2023
  2. The Real Reason Trump isn't in Jail
  3. Why They Want To Arrest Trump
  4. It is time to start hunting Democrats!
  5. Is The Tide Turning?

Besides “Patriots Must Rise,” is more than just the title of a Podcast. I believe it is a legit call to action for All Americans. To avoid Cancel Culture we are only able to trust Bitcoin for our donations. At this point our Blog is being motorized but Mike and I don’t for how long. So we are looking for sponsors. is currently a 1 man operation. Jerry AKA my Dad builds digital business cards and does SEO services for local businesses. with just a scan of a QR code a potential customer has all of your services or menu options in their hand. Patriot Survival works extremely hard to support small Business in America because we are the back bone of America.

Like I have said in the Podcast, “it is small business that provides Jobs in America not big Government. It is time to by American.


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