Patriots Are Being Attacked

2016 Anti-Trump Riots that where funded by Killary Clinton’s Campaign.  It may be important to note that note 1 prosecuted crime happens as a result of these riots in spite of 800 1st degree murders on the west coast alone.

This Video Shows The true nature of Democrats.

2020 George Floyd Riots That we’re organized and funded by the Democratic Terrorist Group that installed Joe “Fuck You America’ Biden. Thanks to Trump’s  US Marshall Service many of the BLM and Anti-FA Terrorist are still behind bars. We took them out of the jurisdiction of the Libtard prosecutor and took them to states that would throw away the key.

2020 Covid-19 Virus Haux

2020 Election Fraud the went will into the Federal Supreme Court.

2021 Conservative Parents Labeled Domestic Terrorists From Sticking up For their Kids.

January 6th 2021 American Patriots go to the capital to call out the Fraud and become enemies of the State.

2021 The Fake President’s First Day in Office He Puts 10,000 people out of work by shutting down the Key Stone Pipeline. Buy the way all of them Voted for Donald Jon Trump.

2022 US abandoned thousands of Americans and aliens and murdered 13 USMC soldiers in Afghanistan because he knows not one of them would ever vote for a Democrat.  This along with  each price of abandoned equipment amounts to 30 thousand counts of Treason. With one stroke of a pen.

2022 Russia Attacked Ukraine and Joe Biden offers no asylum to the Refugees,  in spite of the southern border crisis,  because no Slav would ever vote for a Democrat. So instead he leaves them to die.

March 25th, 2023 Patriots Must Rise

#blm #georgefloyd #fucktheDems #letsgobrandon #fjb In this episode we talk about The verdict of the Cop the Killed George Floyd. Join me on Fundrise: The DOJ verdict against Derek Chauvin = — Send in a voice message:
  1. March 25th, 2023
  2. The Real Reason Trump isn't in Jail
  3. Why They Want To Arrest Trump
  4. It is time to start hunting Democrats!
  5. Is The Tide Turning?

Still more examples of the backbone of our country being attacked is  found in this episode of Patriots Must Rise. I know that we all learn differently that is why Patriot Survival brings the fight to to Left through education, history and the word of God. We need your help. don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in, because if man is not willing to die for his beliefs, he is not a man.

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