The Coruption In Biden’s Whitehouse Has Turned America into an International Meim!

In this epsisode of “Patriots Must Rise,” we are exploring how American Patriots can reclaim our Freedom from the Plague of Communist Work Left Wing Social Terrorists who have dug their fox-wholes in Washington DC.

This is a Meim that shows Nanci Polosi in front of a micraphone with a caption that says, "Callaforia voted for Polosi 17 times."
This shows that for at least 17 years,
Calaforina elections have been rigged.

We have talked about the need for term limits in Congress for years, in fact Alaxander Hamelton explained why the people who are always against the Constitution feel that way and because power corupts limits on both authority and yes how long that authority should be held must be imposed. But the Corupted have been attacking Patriots yor years to scare them away from going into the Light.

March 25th, 2023 Patriots Must Rise

#blm #georgefloyd #fucktheDems #letsgobrandon #fjb In this episode we talk about The verdict of the Cop the Killed George Floyd. Join me on Fundrise: The DOJ verdict against Derek Chauvin = — Send in a voice message:
  1. March 25th, 2023
  2. The Real Reason Trump isn't in Jail
  3. Why They Want To Arrest Trump
  4. It is time to start hunting Democrats!
  5. Is The Tide Turning?

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