Art Takes on a New Life

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As the Left internationally devalued the USD, crypto has found a new value. Because nobody trusts the Federal Government anymore, more and more people are looking for ways to protect their financial portfolio from Government Corruption.

I took this picture a week ago of two ducks swimming in the Colombia River. The day was cold and although it was late March, if you look close you can see ice on the water. You can buy this NFT by clicking the button below.

I call this the Steel Man. This image was rendered with Mia.

As I struggle to adapt to my new personal reality, I am forced to explore other skills and strengths that have been until recently ignored.

I have a new Ebook called, “Save Our America.” I think most of you have already ready or even heard about our new Podcast called, “Patriots Must Rise.”

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Do you still think BLM Terrorists are peaceful? This picture was taken at 3rd and Couch, Portland Oregon, on July 15th 2020.

Don’t you see a bit of hypocrisy when the only people who died on January 6th 2022 we’re killed by liberal Scum? Yet there are still Patriots locked up for it in 2022 with out even an arraignment, while the BLM Terrorists never saw a night in jail?


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