Life Is Fulfilled In Christ’s Sacrifice

Palm Sunday Jesus arrived in Jerusalem

April 10, 2022

Today is Palm Sunday. Today marks the day in the Christian Faith Traditions that Jesus road into Jerusalem on an ass and was greater by her citizens as if he was an arriving king . But only a few days later these same people would turn him over to the Roman’s.

The Jews thought Jesus would conquer the Jewish oppressors on earth. But the fact is that sin it’s self is the ultimate oppressor. It was Man’s pride that lead to the Jewish interpretation that angered them to the point that they would put Jesus on the cross.

The blood of Jesus Christ bought our freedom for all who are willing to live the life. We are one, united in the blood shed on Calvary’s hill. This is a truth that transcends both culture and geography.

In 1787 the anti-federalists who would later become the Democrat Party here in America, made there feelings known through violence in the streets. You see politics in America has never been a battle between schools of thought, but rather two brothers. These sons of God fight for the souls of each of us.

if the Son of the morning win the battles the human soul dies. Just thinks about what was said there. The younger party who never wanted a constitution are the same scum that kill there own children and keep them overseas fighting wars just to fight.

We hope you enjoy our Podcast.

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