We Can’t Let America Go Crypto!

Crypto was invented to put a finger in the face of the Establishment. Yet the #Left wants a federal version of a digital currency that they control. While I know the SOL are already working on an independent blockchain that will only be detectable if the person you are doing business close enough to scan a QR code on the persons phone. In effect the Patriots are being forced underground. So yes freedom is going to take sacrifice. But a parallel economy is already being built.

Patriot Survival at one point used both PayPal and Stripe to process payment for services and donations but after the way things went down with the Freedom Convoys in both Canada and the USA, we only except BTC and ETH. You see we must adapt to overcome.

I love crypto because I can’t afford gold but I can make small deposit of any amount into BTC and it moved me closer to that decimal point that marks the 100% of the Bitcoin. Bitcoin has been hold at $40,700.00 for the past year. I think that may be a good down payment for a house.


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