I Have To Adapt To My Situation.

Getting back to the roots of what Patriot Survival is meant to be, I am doing the go step by step explaining who to build a modern bow.

This whiteboard shows why this trick works. Use the combination of both forces of the magnets that are represented by F1 & F4 and multiplying the force with the properties of F2 while subtracting the resistance factor of the table we can project how far F1 would be thrown.  As a result I have a 5/8 inch buffer for the arrow.

What this mean in practical terms is that the 2.5 oz. drag on the arrow, simply is not there. If you have a one hundred pound psi coming for the string  you may not see a difference, However, a 45 pound bow with a 26 inch arrow is loosing 10.5 pounds of force that would be coming off the string and transfered into the target. With a 45 pound bow that is 1/4 of the force lost in just leaving the bow. For this reason a rest based on magnetic induction could change the world of Archery Sports forever.

Patriot Survival has used similar principals to create free energy, clean water and air.

The unfortunate reality is no Tech can clean up our political landscape. The public schools have put it into our children’s curriculum pornography in there K-12 as part of their homosexual agenda.

The legal definition of a Pedophile or pedophilia. n. an obsession with children as sex objects. Overt acts, including taking sexually explicit photographs or exposing a minor to pictures of the same nature, molesting children and exposing one’s genitalia to children.

The reason this is important is a friend of mine pressed criminal charges against the Battleground School District Board. After finding a first grade text book that was filled with pornography. Her charge of Pedophilia stuck. You can find the meat of the story in the podcast.

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