Wow This Month Has been a Rollercoaster.

Hello my friends. My name is Anatolie Anatoliciva. This is our first News Letter here at Patriot Survival. If you are reading this from a link that you got in an Email it is because you met me in person at a rally or just on the street. As I am recording our Podcast, “Patriots Must Rise!” If this is the case please like and subscribe. Otherwise Thank you for your loyalty. Now let’s get started.

It is important to note the Patriot Survival will not be taking on any more gun builds until the Eco-Car is on the road. Mike and I did by the car now it is just refitting it. We have got a lot of threats to get us to abandon the project because it will not need to be plugged in and that takes money out of Elite’s pockets.


In the News for a while, Tesla’s Elon Musk bought Twitter and took it off the trading floor. The Libs are having a meltdown. But that is ok. They can have TikTok.

It is good to have you back buddy.

You can say what you will about Donald Jon Trump, but you have to admit things were 1000% better with a real man in office.

Inflation $$$

Not that this is relevant, but under Joe Biden, the average rent in Vancouver Washington has gone up 35% in the last year. 

Jobs Are Nonexistent!

The Biden crew took credit for people reclaiming jobs they already had before the 14 days that turned out to be 465 days of lockdown to stop the spread of a virus the was never real. But no new jobs have been created under this failed Administration.

In fact Biden’s first move as President and I will never believe anyone who calls themselves American would ever vote for a Democrat after 2019-2020 & especially 21-22. Let’s put it this way. If any Democrat wins we should by default call for a full audit because no one vote’s for idiots unless they themselves are idiots.

We need to rebuild America with real American Patriots at the helm. My partner and I refuse to hire anyone who has ever voted for a Democrat and we stand by that. Part of the reason we will never hire a Democrat is because they believe in things like the Ministry of Truth.

I like Rumble, the content is far better YouTube and the let you talk. In this line of work I need to have a way to record research or just get an idea of today’s landscape. I do recommend Rumble to everyone.

Our Warehouse is powered by something like this.

Free Green Energy Could Get You A Big Fine.

One of the first things Joe (Let’s F**k up America) Biden did was sack thousands of good paying union jobs by closing the Key Stone Pipeline. But if you go off grid in the city limits you are breaking the law.

Listen to Intellectuals and Society by Thomas Sowell on Audible.

The book explains why the Left are so evil. On a more personal note, we got fined $15000.00 for disconnecting our building from the city and running our office from a generator like the one in the YouTube video. If the Left truly wanted to save the planet going off grid would not get you in trouble. But the Left don’t like being shown up or beaten at their own game.

Rey Reynolds is an America First candidate for Clark County Sheriff in Southern Washington State. Please check him out if you live in District 3 please vote for him.

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