I met her on the bus.

Most trans gender are not passable. Meaning they only cross dress for their own entertainment. But Max is one of the few exceptions to the rule. Max goes by Max because it is short for both Maxine and Maximilian which is her given name.

I generally would not include images that I consider pornography in my articles but as you read you will understand why I felt it important to include the image.

By the way in spite of her youthful appearance Max is 25 in this picture. This fact lends to the extensive abuse that Max’s mother put him through out his or her childhood.

Point number 1: for the need of the use of the image. By the way I am calling Max her because in this rare case Max truly does have the right to be addressed as both genders. You see Max who is in a constant flux of identity was born a hermaphrodite. She doe have both male and female chromosomes and parts.

I met her the other day on the bus and at the time she was heavily bruised and her close were tattered. It took some convincing but she opened up to me about the horrible experience she had just endured. I told her to press charges.

She was asked to entertain for a birthday party. Max has been singing her entire life so it didn’t seem wired for the request. Things went sideways and She ended up being raped repeatedly by the guest and her father.

Now because of her birth defect, max has been on hormone therapy basically from birth. This in its self is not abusive however the extreme levels of each hormone definitely was meant to minnipulate and enhance her sexual attributes. The doctor who treated her, all of her life was, according to Max the first one at the party to sexually assault her.

“What is really F***ed up, is that my mother started grooming me for her use since before I could remember. I entered puberty at the age of 2. So by the time I was in the first grade I was taping down my breasts and my third leg was impossible to hide. So I identified as a boy. But I had to start wearing dresses and taping my penis to my leg once my breasts started to form. The Left would use me as a poster boy for their newest agenda if I was still in school.”

Max never had her first time of the month, which is common with people of her condition. Which begs the question, “is the Lefts gay agenda away to pre-euthanize potential generations?”

Max and I sat in the apartment that Patriot Survival paid for until she get back on her feet and I found that my late wife was right. If your heart is pure, you don’t see gender. Max sat there giving herself an erection for the picture and told me, “My whole life people have forced themselves on me for my body parts that don’t even work now schools are encouraging children to become Trans. I feel for these children. I avoided gym class because of the repercussions of shower time. She was raped by both genders growing up. No one should make someone live like that. I know God has a plan but the current establishment is not part of it.”

“What is your name? Max asked again.

Anatolie, but my friends call me Tolie.

“Thanks for your ear. There aren’t many guys out there like you. Your girlfriend is a lucky woman.”

I was married she was murdered in 2020. But thank you. I left and paid for the room with my readers donations for 4 months.


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