Camping Is A Skill That We Will All Need Very Soon.

The link above is a video from Rumble that shows you how to prepare logs for a fast burning campfire. But Rumble is s also censoring content. The title of the video that I uploaded was Defund Congress. But Rumble published is as Refund Congress. Anyone who knows me knows the I would never advocate funding a group of Tyrants that should be pulled out into the street and beaten to with in minutes of life left just to be aloud to recover to have it happen again every day for as many days that the men and women who are being held in prison for January 6th have been held. So yes I don’t trust Rumble either.

With the corruption in American Government that we are all seeing, Americans must be willing to destroy our established government for the sake of our children.

No American will ever know freedom untill we take all money out of the federal and local governments. An elected officials should be living on welfare and killed if he or she is ever caught taking money from anyone. This is the only way to keep government honest.

This would get rid of special interest groups and Congress would establish their own term limits. But the people would have to go even farther as to vote in a law that say the staffers are terminated at the end of the Official’s term in office and that the elected can never run agai for any office.

This must be done because the root of the corruption is systemic by nature in Washington DC. By default this move would by default weaken any one party claim of power and groups such as unions would become obsolete.

But the unfortunate reality is that the one God of our creation is demanding sacrifices of the life blood of many to put these changes into place. That is why the 2nd Amendment is always under attack.

Patriots would loss everything for the cause and become homeless to push closer the the common goal of restoration of the Constitutional Republic.

If a Police Officer, Military Personnel, Judge, Teacher, or Elected Official, openly leans towards Liberal ideas, they must be removed from the common wealth. No provisions will be give to them but a canteen and a fishing pole. As they are cast 100 miles out into the North Atlantic Ocean dressed in shorts and a T-shirt in January on an opened inflatable life raft. If God sees fit to spare thier lives they wouldn’t be aloud back into the common wealth for any reason. The good of the future of the republic depends on the cleansing of Liberalism from our shores.

“This is America, we were founded by people seeking a place to practice their faith freely. Our Constitution would have been caved in stone if our Founding Fathers would have foresaw a need to protect it from Liberal Judges.” Clarence Thomas

The Constitution never leaves room for interpretation the words are written in a clear and extremely concise manner, for this reason.

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