The Democratic Wreckless Spending Has Americans Rethinking How They Invest.

Dan Bonginio is always telling his audience that we need to invest in tangible assets. I found a new app called fundraiser this app allowed my to invest in restate with what ever money I could afford. Ground floor is another origination that allows working class investors to invest in restate via micro-loans.

Both of the fore mentioned web based investing firms invest in construction projects or residential loans. This is great but thanks to Joe Biden American Moms can’t find Baby food. Well we found a way you can help fight back on the home front. This one is called, I love these guys because you can help independent Patriot Farmers pay for their next crop and help get food back on the shelves of American markets.

Big Farms sold out country out a lifetime ago. The small plots of land is what has been feeding America science 1945. With out going on a rant about how there has never been a good Democratic President in the Whitehouse, I think you know where I am going.

We always knew the truth about American Government but this will turn your stomach.

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