Fake Pandemic

To rebut this Liberal hack, no one claimed that Covid-19 was not a real bacteria. Viruses don’t get killed with house cleaning.

Our belief has always been that if people were dieing from Covid-19 it was only because they went to the hospital.

There was never a reason for masks or economic shutdowns, except to have the Left seize power that they would have never been given otherwise.

Stew Peterson did an article that concreted what most of us already knew. COVID was created. The motives are clear and many took a payday.

The proof that COVID was over hyped is found in the flood of funeral homes that have went out of business if so many deaths actually happened you wouldn’t think you would see that. Beyond that the Mask Cult, who are just as pro jab, have become violent when someone challenges their sacred idol, Anthony Fauchi.

The hack in the video claims that you would know Covid-19 is real once you get it. I have had it 4 times and each time the idea of this thing killing me becomes more laughable. I have never seen symptoms and doubt I ever will. Also the fact that cases of the flu have dropped as COVID numbers go up seems like a pretty good indicator that there never was a pandemic. That is right Humans are not Biohazards.


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