Calling The FBI Out!

Thank you for taking the time to read through these Production Notes for the 05/20/2022 Episode of “Patriots Must Rise.” This on is rather involved so I must encourage you to also read the links as they are provided.  This post is meant to help build a case of criminal misconduct against Joe Biden and all who support his agenda.

Why I Don’t Believe America Can Avoid A Civil War! MAGA is far more important than Donald Trump. The SWAMP who paid for COVID to be created planned out the take over of the 2020 election through a wave of wag the dog and media blitzes. But some of us where never fooled. We new COVID was fake from the start.

The Libs Hate Guns Because They Know They Are The Reason The Second Amendment Exists!

All over the world as I pound these keys, true overs of freedom are uniting against local tyrants who abused power stolen for them by virtue of a fake pandemic. The problem that Libtards now face is that no sane person will ever trust them again. As a last ditch effort to hold on to the unjust and largely unscented power, the Left are trying to change laws to protect their position. We will talk about that later. 

We Need Honest Elections In America

My friend Doug Coup is running for city council. Part of his platform is that he want to get rid of ballot boxes in Clark County. 2000 Mules shoes how corruptible these privately owned drop boxes can be. Even Politico a far Left rag voiced concerns about possible election fraud before the 2020 General Election. But unlike the Times who bragged about how the Dems stole the election to “save democracy,” Politico seemed to voice real concerns. To see Mike Lyndell’s proof of the 2020 Election Fraud click here because WordPress will not run it.

With all of the concrete evidence to back up the 2020 election fraud the fact that the Supreme Court refused to hear Texas’s case against Pennsylvania and the fact that the FBI still has no interest in investigating what has been proven by both Mike Lyndell and Dinesh D’Souza to be a nation wide conspiracy to overthrow a sitting president of the United States, says volumes about the level of corruption in America.

What Do These Things Have In Common.

We have all heard the factual joke that members of the Left will not survive when the shit hits the fan. I find comfort in this fact because in a sick spin of the wheel of fate they caused all of our current problems. The problems listed above are in fact all the responsibility of Joe (Let’s F#*# up America) Biden.

While this blog entry is in no way meant to be presented to the court as a case for criminal negligence or malfeasance, maybe it should be. All of the hyper links in this blog post have been verified and in many cases checked again.

You may have noticed that no source listed comes from any mainstream media outlets. This is because they are not credible. They cite anything that pushes their agenda and leave out anything that may work against their cause of the moment.

As a result of the news being voided of any journalist culpability, our sources are limited to only credible sources that are in the line of fire at the time.

When the Supreme Court chose sides, and refused to hear Texas’s grievance against Philadelphia in the aftermath of the most corrupt general election in American history, Americans understood one thing. “We have lost our freedom!”

So what looked like thousands of justified angry Americans took to DC because they wanted to show that Biden didn’t win. Proof that Biden did not win took to the social networks with over 30 versions of a song “Let’s Go Brandon!” Most of them have been taken down by communist platforms. But the flags that proudly makes the declaration “F#*# Joe Biden” are still being flown in front yards all over America. His approval rating sits at 20-30% meaning that even the Left wing doesn’t like him.

The Intentional Breaking Down of Morality

We have all heard the stories of our public schools are sexualizing children. Well let’s talk about grooming. By talking to a child about a sexual Identity, discussing sexual acts, touching the child in a sexual manner are all forms of child molestation and against the law.

But unfortunately public schools teachers are soulless minions of Satan, just like all members of the Democratic Party.

Trump accused Biden of being a Pedophile. The Left wing fact checkers jumped on it immediately meaning Joe Biden is a confirmed Child Molester. After all if the fat checkers claim something is not true we must assume it is. This is Dan Bonginio’s rule of and it seems to work.

But the Fact Checkers say there is nothing to this.

Is it any wonder that that left see no problem with abusing our children? The FBI should be investigating the 2020. And the people should be able to recall the most corruption in the history the white house.

I move that not only is Biden guilty of treason to even get into the Whitehouse. But the Intentional reduction of fuel production, and the elimination of thousands of jobs, as well as the box retreat in Afghanistan should all be considered treason. His party are eating war against our child and every teacher, school board member should be investigated, imprisoned and even executed for treason and child abuse.

Voter Fraud 2020

Bill Barr was correct in saying: “there was no voter fraud in the 2020 election. But Voter fraud refers to individuals committing the fraud. If you fallow the links in this blog post you will find that the case for a nation wide conspiracy to commit Treason against a sitting president of the United States of America know as institutional election fraud has a very good case.

With the success of 2000 Mules, Biden needed a distraction, so he arranged a leak about a pending Supreme Court decision that would overturn Rowe v. Wade.  While no one real knows how it got out, we do know that it had to be an inside job. This in it’s self is an act of treason and if it leads back to Biden as we know it will because shit roles down hill, this alone should be reason for a recall vote beyond the mismanagement of Afghanistan, the murder of 13 USMC as well as the elimination of American jobs by the thousands with the Keystone Pipeline. No One supports Biden and a recall would see drastic change in America’s direction.

In conclusion Joe Biden needs to be sewed buy every American for undue financial hardship, misrepresentation, Treason, and child molestation.

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This Is The 05/20/2022 Episode Of “Patriots Must Rise.”

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