Biden’s Food Shortage Never had to Happen.

Biden’s Food Shortage should have never been allowed to happen. The problem with government is that anything it touches it destroys. I watched a television show called James Town last night. The show is based on the first British production colony in North America.

At the time there was only one blacksmith in town and because the Blacksmith struck the Governor he was to hang. But the colonists didn’t have the science of the gallows down, so instead of snapping the Blacksmith’s neck he just flailed around giving a woman time to pose the question to the governor, “who is going to shoe your hors when he throws one?”

The Governor ordered the man to be cut down, but only because to town needed him. If he was a farmer which they had many of he would have been struggling for breath until his exhaustion would give in to death. The government pride has long been its own downfall.

Elected officials generally don’t know anything about real world problems so the decisions they make are based on things they have no knowledge of. The baby food shortage is partly caused by government over regulations on the industry.

We have the means to make formula but it is currently too expensive to get into the industry. So back to my original statement. Because the government doesn’t even protect the boarders and they do nothing but get in the way of every day life we shouldn’t have one.

I am Anatolie Anatoliciva and this is Patriots Must Rise! Please like and subscribe and May God bless you.


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