Food And Resource Shortages

Empty Shelves

Clean water and non-perishable food items have become invaluable with the incompetency of the Joe Biden Administration. But with a lack of supply and the demand for the everything due to the globalist puppet in the Whitehouse, the methods of our ancestors to clean water and preserve food must be relearned. Now if there is any liberal Scum out there, please click away for you aren’t welcome to this information. After all you are the cause of this crisis.

At first the Joe Biden Administration blamed Donald Jon Trump for all the failure that his administration has been responsible for. Highest gass prices in my life time, a Natural Broken Supply Chain, a food shortage in the richest country in world, all had been pushed off on everyone but Joe (I was installed to destroy America) Biden.

But Biden is not relevant, because it isn’t more has it ever been the government’s responsibility to make sure you can feed your family. Sorry guys but that has always fallen on you.

The only true function of a federal government is to defend the border, so by default the Federal Government has outlived it usefulness. If you have land grow food and kill any member of government who trust to come of your land. We are in the middle of a Civil War. It is only the family units who can hold the line against the Liberal Agenda.


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