What is the Truth about School Shootings in America.

Hello, my name is Marry. My boss has asked me to talk about some problems in the Liberal narrative. We already know that the Elect have bailed out Terrorists from  Jail in 2020. We know that the Hillary Clinton campaign paid groups to organize riots in 2016 to protest Donald Trump being elected.

We know that the Democrat party was the inspiration for the Nazi movement in Germany. We know that Margret Sanger started Planned Parenthood to reduce the Black Population in America. We also know that the KKK, Anti-FA and Black Lives Matter have all  been used as tools for the Democrat Party to instill fear through violence into the sheep. I refer you to Dinesh De Sosa’s “The Big Lie.”  These groups have all pushed the Agenda of the Communist Socialist Party of America for years.

Why would it be so fare fetched to say and even believe that the most evil people in the world pay desperate but otherwise innocent men and sometimes women to terroriser America.  

“The most resonant  that’s come my way thus far today in relation to the anniversary of the April 20, 1999 shootings at Columbine High School was contained in an e-mail sent to Westword by Vicki Newell, a public-policy director with the Colorado PTA. It’s a list of school shootings since 1999, as compiled by The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. The roster gathers 108 incidents since Columbine.”

It is interesting to both Anatolie and myself that these liberal rags keep talking about these high numbers, but in truth every Leftwing rag  that we have read about these shootings only mentions the same four shootings.

We all know about the ones everyone talks about, and yes all of them are tragedies but when the Liberals blow up numbers in the hopes that people are too busy to keep track so they can make the problem seem bigger then it is.

I am continuing to look for the missing 84 shootings that they refer too. However, I don’t put much  faith in the liberal press and neither should you.

Columbine was the first of the mass school shootings, it happened on April 20th 1999. Make note that November 7th 2000 was only 6 months away.

My boss wants you to see the or try to see a pattern in what we have found so far. Because we believe it is important to put an end to these shootings and the pattern that has been established is very incriminating. But nothing will be done until people start listening.

As you explore the facts that have been reported and you look at the dates of each shooting, you realize that every school shooting matches up with an election.  Also the location matches up with either a Blue State of a Blue District in a Purple State. This is also important because the pattern is irrefutable.

A link to the spreadsheet of our research will be found in the description.


So why would the ruling class of the Democrat Party want to, dare I say, contract mass shootings?  I know you are  thinking we are going too far or just working a conspiracy theory, but stay with me. 

When you have a political party that is hell bent on destroying all that is good about America, you have to get the masses to agree to give up their God given Rights. The only way to do that is to tell a lie loud and long enough that people start to believe it.

They take an event or a string of events and use it to spin a narrative.  The narrative is pushed by media to further an agenda. But the Media is fine with ignoring any fact that may have people question their narrative.

School shootings are no different than Covid-19 in regards to the Left pushing their agenda.

We Kept Digging!

The mainstream press claims that over 500 people have been injured or killed in school shootings since Columbine. But as we dug deeper we found that number to be far less at 97. It may be interesting to note that all of the shootings happened under Democrat rule.

All who follow Patriot Survival or our podcast, “Patriots Must Rise.” know that we have no love for the Liberal Scum of America, so we back up our own statements with fact that have been stated in the articles written by Leftwing hacks. Please do your own research and if you like our work please like and subscribe and if you can Donate.

Thank you for your time, until next time, God Bless. Also if you know of any School Shooting that I have left off the sheet please tell me in the comments.


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