We Must Not Trust Any Form Of Government

The only reason anyone consents to giving power to any form of Government is because the government tells the people that they exist to serve the population. It is important to note that the Purpose of the Federal Government that is outlined in the Constitution of the United States of America is to do as fallowed:

Anything other than these are an over reach of power. When the people  agree to a national charter such as the Constitution of the United States of America, the government is established with the limitations of said charter.

Joe Biden knows that every thing he said in this video is not and never was true. Oh and by the way Joe we are private citizens who own a fully armed Apache Helicopter and I dare you to try and take it.

If you are listening to the podcast I encourage you to visit the production notes and watch the video. Government corruption is found in the evidence of statements like, “The Constitution must be interpreted,” or “The Constitution is a living document that must change with the times.” First of all when the words are written in black and white there is no room for interpretation. By the way Joe Biden, “Shall not be Infringed,” literally means expect a war with the citizens of the United States if you try an take away our only defense against you. Second the Charter was and is meant to remain steadfast and unforgiving otherwise the Government has no restrictions on its power.

We have seen the tyrannical rule of Liberal governments destroy nations through out history. Once the corrupted elect get a taste for power they never want to let it go and give it back to the people.

Democracy fails when the the general population become too uneducated on the facts and issues of the debate. The Left likes to says that an AR-15 platformed gun will do nothing against a government armed with nukes. Well let me tell you a story that is proven fact and you can decide if that stand is true for yourself.

In 1990 the US DOD asked France to help them test security of American military bases. France Sent in 5 members of the 2 Rep an elite unit of the French Foreign Legion. In less than a week. Armed with a knowledge of computers, electrical theory, hand drills and we each hand a pocket knife, we crippled the motor pools, the communications networks, and with paint bombs because it was an exercise, we showed that the armory would have been destroyed, all the vehicles in the motor pool had drill holes in the gas tanks so they couldn’t pursue us. So you tell me would the public owning AR-15’s make a difference against the greatest enemy freedom has ever known?

The fact that I don’t have to tell you who I am talking about should tell you that it is time to organize and train like you never had before.

On a nother matter, WordPress.com is starting to suppress content, so the fact that some people have been writing us asking why we have not published, gave us the heads up. We are working on it.

But ingenuity has never been in short supply here at Patriot Survival. So we are already figuring it out. This brings me to another point. Why does anyone believe that regulations on guns or on anything for that matter will stop or control it’s production? American’s have been taught to build guns and think outside the box for generations.

At work we needed a forklift to go faster than it is designed too. So we just remove red the regulator. That is what we do.


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