Here Is An Update On My Recovery

If you are listening to the podcast, I have three pictures of x-rays at the top of my production notes. The link is in the description.

The doctor says that my bones are healed and I have gone back to work in a full capacity. No it is time to stop messing around. While I don’t have full use of my hand back I can hold tools and that means let’s build a car.

I want to thank the listeners who asked for your concern. Now I am going to take a moment to talk about why I believe all who love freedom need to stop using government issued currency.  

Like it or not, government has an addiction to spending money they don’t have. The only way they get away with it is devaluing their own currency. 

We can avoid this by not using government issued money at all. This would help defund Congress and give the people back control. Think about it if you are not paying taxes the government has less money.

With less money they should feel the impact, however, the government just prints more money to devalue the dollar to pay their own bills.  But with the intentional devalued dollar being a reality we need tangible assets such as Land, Gold from APMEX, or Crypto.

I will have links in the description for these products.

As of 07/01/2022:

My doctor has declared me partly disabiled. My wrist never fully recoverd.

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