I Need To Make some changes in my design.

As many of my readers know I had to have my left wrist rebuilt. But the joint never completely healed. As a result I have had to adapt to my new limitations.

When I first broke my wrist on the job, I couldn’t even tie my shoes. Hanging a shirt on a hanger ended up breaking the  plastic hangers in my closet. During my recovery I would just throw all my clothing on the floor.

I couldn’t fasten my pants for months. Which meant I would only wear  scrubs or sweats.  My point is that I learned a few things about adapting.  Which brings me to my topic.

Adapting To Our Needs:

When the final evaluation of my recovery came, I already knew the outcome was grim. It has been months and my hand, and wrist are still numb. I have no improvement in my mobility in my Left wrist. To make matters worse the doctor put me back on modified duties for the rest of my life.

When all was said and done, the surgeon  may as well have cut off my hand and given me a hook. I say this because I have so many limitations with what was once my dominant hand. The doctor told me that I can’t take any shock to the wrist, such as shooting a gun or bow without some modifications to the weapon.

Modifying My Bow:


But due to other conflicts with how the structure of my wrist looks now, I can’t absorb the shock from the bow being fired. If this design works I will modify the kick buster to reduce the kick of future rifles I will build.

The Kick Buster 1.0

The little clear and red plastic tube is called the “Kick Buster.” It is filled with Mercury to act as a stabilizer to absorb shock. A “Kick Buster,” is going to be integrated into both the top and bottom of the Riser.

The atomic mass of Mercury is = 200.59 u

The volume of the container is 1/16 cup.

All I need is 0.01 KG of Mercury per container.

1 millimeter of mercury [0 °C] = 1 × 0.0193367774942 = 0.0193367774942 pound per square inch.

Right Hand Riser with integral stabilizer

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