The Liberal Wasteland

I had to come to the sad realization got the Northwest is a liberal wasteland. If there is anything man kind can do to save our planet, it would have to be to get rid of the toxic waste of human trash that call themselves Liberal. This ideology has become a tumor in America. If we are to save America we must get agressive in eradicating this dangerous cancer from America.

The driver was texting while driving according to the police. It pays to have a badge myself. Like I have said many times before Liberals always seem to think they are above any consequences.

The driver had pro Burnie stikers infecting the look of his tailgate. I have no problem with a liberal dieing but the fact is this was an act of God that he is still alive. I guess God does care about Libtard scum.

Contrary to my persional wishes Our Father does want the best for even Libral Baby Killing Scum.

In Liberal run city, the homeless population continues to grow due to Liberal policies.

In this picture you Hunter Biden tries to step out of frame has his father Joe {let’s fuck up America} Biden pulls him back in to be forever immortalized with scumbags. Is it any wonder that Hunter became such a fuck up?

No one looks at the long term consequences of an action. The election in any pieriod has both good and bad consequences. By voting for a man with a 100% failure rate we as Americans are forced to get fucked for 4 years.

We know the Left is paying for their actions because of the backlash that is seen in the aftermath of the raid on President Donald Trump’s private home. They had no probable cause and as a result no valid warrent. So the go into his home with Thump having every right to shoot every one of them dead after they breached the threshold of his lawful residence. After all they came in armed and unlawfully. And in Florida you can shoot intruders without prejudice.

This is why we have 2nd Amendment so we can defend against the government. Remember that the warent that the FBI was supposed have was based on hearsay (a.k.a.) an anonymous source. No Judge would give a warrant on such weak evidence.

But in a Liberal America no law is applicable to the Liberal Elites. After all “Patriots are the ultimate evil in America.”

If we are to keep our freedom, we must abolish all Liberal Law Enforcement. If the branch of Law Enforcement doesn’t seem from the US Marshal Service it is unconditional and therefore Liberal.

Just in case you didn’t know, Patriot Survival has a weekly Podcast called “Patriots Must Rise.” In this Podcast, that I host, we address current events and the Political Landscape, but I do it with an in your face, common sense spin. Please listen, like, share, but most important of all get involved. This is the link to “Patriots Must Rise,” :

Please Help us take back America!

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