Line Upon Line & Precept Upon Precept

My future wife is coming to America in two days. At least that is what I thought. The time came and went and she was not on the plane.

Evasion methods are all similar in nature but is takes a certain mentality and demeanor to pull it off.

You walk through an ex-ray machine with an even gate. Your posture also must be consistent. Modern metal detectors don’t detect metal but rather an array of biofeed backs that can indicate that you must be flagged.

Once the agent is alerted how you handle yourself under fire when being questioned can mean the difference between a delayed mission or capture.

Once again consistent answers body language and discipline will win the day. Most agents are just there for a paycheck so if you can outlast their questions without changing even the smallest detail you can still make it to the next step of the mission, what ever that mission might be. In Olena’s case she keeps telling the same story in different ways, while it was always the truth the inconsistencies of her body language voice inflection and just being stressed out raised flags.

If Olena would have just joked around and been less nervus and even taken some time to get to know the agent even call her by her first name, the agent may have just forgotten to ask for her visa. TSA agents are instructed to avoid small talk for this reason.

When I was in Afghanistan one mission I needed to blow an armory. It was only protected by six dogs, three guards and five camera. The cams would be taken out with an EMP grenade. The dogs would be thanked. But the challenge is always the human factor, they either like you or they don’t if they don’t like you the mission is over if they like you the ammo dumb has exploded and they’re called out on the carpet later.

Another aspect to a successful mission when using counter evasion or evasion tactics, you need good Intel, you know plans to the building, surveillance (you know case the joint), no matter what you do you have to have the knowledge of the building. The surroundings and the timing of the cameras the guards and the mannerisms of the canine units. At most airports, especially in America and I have been trying to fight to change it, because it’s a big one, the timing of the guards and the cameras are pretty much Universal the floor plan and layout is always different and that’s always been a major security factor. However the human factor is once again the biggest challenge, a good guard, a good century will never have a planned route on his patrol the reason being, exactly what I’m talking about. Once you get the timing down you know what the back door is, anybody in the security industry understands that the tighter the security is at the front door the bigger the gap is at the back door. This because no matter how you add it you only have so much resource to put toward any one wall. So you look for patterns you find the patterns you memorize the patterns you set your watch by the patterns. Now this might be something out of a movie but it holds so true. Because people are a major factor in a strong security defense, be it good or bad. A lazy guard falling asleep obviously that’s bad a guard. A guard that’s willing to talk to you I just explained to you why that might be bad. However a guard that’s diligent a guard that understands that Christ will come like the thief in the night and that signs may be there that the end is near, however it is not our place to actually know or understand when that end is coming, that guard will keep his job. That guard is akin to the brides that filled their lamps and prepared for the groom to come in the morning. That guard will keep his nation safe.

However in America our USCBP or Understand States Costumes and Border Patrol are being told daily by the Biden Administration to not turn anyone away, which is why I took the risk with bringing in Olena without a visa.

However getting on the plan to America the sovereign country the person is leaving has the right to turn away the person coming to America. So without a visa Oluna became a prisoner in Germany. I just want to point out that Joe Biden is the first line of defense for our nation’s border yet every day hundreds of thousands even millions of illegal immigrants are encouraged to come across our southern border and the border patrol is literally told to just let them come okay this is a man that should not have a job.


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