Labor Day 2022

With the Libtard’s devaluing the world’s economy, Patriots or those who love freedom are fighting the Globalist’s by refusing to participate in their screwed up economic reset.

Instead of buying gold as an investment many of us are using gold and silver as a replacement for the Fiat Currency of our country. An added benefit is the transaction is always under the table. The government gets no taxes and so they have less money to wage war against the Resistance. However in the meantime life goes on for the common working class man and the Resistance grows.

We at Patriot Survival also invest in Relestate through Fundrise. Join me on Fundrise:

You would be helping the podcast and the benefits for your family are substantial.

But more importantly we must learn to stand on our own to feet if we are ever going to call ourselves free again. The more you know about investing and business the less you will depend on the taxpayers to pay for your upkeep.

My research is used in our podcast, “Patriots Must Rise.”

Here are some audio books that I recommend you listen too:


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